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Supporting Diesel Users in the Wheat City Area

Serving customers in Brandon, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, Wheat City Diesel has been proudly offering professional diesel fuel injection repair services since 1984. Our current owner has been with the business since 1989 and took over as owner in 1994. We thrive on cultivating meaningful relationships with our clients and the local farming industry here in Wheat City.

Having worked on diesel fuel injection systems for over 35 years now, our company is confident in our knowledge and our ability to replace, repair, and maintain them. We are experts when it comes to servicing turbochargers, diesel fuel injectors, and diesel fuel injection pumps. We have the ability to service many makes, models, and types of vehicles, including many types of trucks, farming, and industrial equipment that run on diesel. Our services include 1-year warranties on complete overhaul jobs.

If you’re on the hunt for friendly but also reliable and professional service, you’ve come to the right place. Visit us at Wheat City Diesel today.

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