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Brandon-based Fuel Injector Repairs & More

Diesel engines power some of our most powerful machines, from trucks to ships to submarines. Whether you chose a diesel engine for its high efficiency or its powerful hauling capabilities, you want to make the most out of such a significant investment. That’s why at Wheat City Diesel, we can help you with:



  Diesel fuel injectors

  Diesel fuel injection pumps

  Parts and accessories

…and much more!

Having been a local fixture for over 35 years in Brandon, we understand diesel truck repairs, farming, and industrial equipment repairs. Our shop is capable of finding solutions for diesel-run:


Pick-up trucks
1, 3 and 5-ton trucks
Farming and industrial equipment

We work closely with the local farming community and are familiar with its unique diesel needs. But we’re not limited to just one sector; if you have a diesel-run vehicle that’s giving you a headache, let us take a look at it.

What We Do

Mainly, we offer customers maintenance and diagnostic services. We are especially confident in our ability to service diesel fuel injectors, diesel fuel injection pumps, and turbochargers.

Diesel Fuel Injectors

The fuel injector is perhaps the most complex part of any diesel engine, so you want someone familiar with its construction to service it properly. At Wheat City Diesel, we can:

Repair and replace diesel fuel injector units

Offer exchanges on diesel fuel injector units if possible

Service mechanical injectors

Your fuel injector is an invaluable part of your diesel engine, so make sure you trust whoever takes care of it.

Professional mechanic testing diesel injector in his workshop
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

Responsible for pressurizing the fuel and subsequently delivering it to the fuel injectors, the diesel fuel injection pump is another vital part of your engine. Our team at Wheat City Diesel can:

Repair, replace, and exchange diesel fuel injection pumps

Install new diesel fuel injection pumps

Service most makes and models

No one knows diesel like we do! 



In addition to our services, we carry injectors and pumps from:


Delphi Technologies

Increase the power of your diesel engine even more! With a diesel turbocharger, your engine can draw more air and increase air flow efficiency. Perfect for those long hauls and big jobs, we also offer a wide variety of turbochargers by:

Garret® AiResearch



Holset Turbo Technologies (by Cummins) 

IHI Turbos


We have parts and accessories available such as:


Primer pumps

Fuel lines

Air mass sensors

Electronic control units

Cold start valves

Tempter sensors

Pressure regulators

Do you have a diesel-related conundrum in the Brandon area?  Get in touch with us today and get back into the fast lane.


Get Back on the Road

If you’re part of our local farming industry, chances are you rely on diesel.

We can fix diesel issues quickly so you can get back to work.

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